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Nothing Project

The Nothing Project is an interactive project that explores erasure through sensory limitation, olfaction, physical absence, collective memory, and text. Participants are asked to anonymously submit a mailing address where they will receive a small package containing a scent. They are then asked to respond to the unknown scent in their package by submitting three words, phrases or emotions called to mind by memories associated with that scent. The resulting project exists as groupings of compiled narratives created by participant submissions of their memories. Participants receive one of four randomly assigned smells. The scents have been curated by the artist to reflect a specific narrative of her own memories. Responses of text are then grouped based on numeric coding which assembles the narratives in sets of four with one set of responses for each scent in that grouping.


Challenging practices of material dependence in art making, ownership, collaboration, and visual vs. experiential art the project plays with the idea that nothing creates  something and something creates nothing. Additionally it is a response to the specific challenges of making and engaging with art during the COVID-19 pandemic, that suggests alternative ways of accessing audiences, collaboration, and collective experiences. With loss of smell being one of the primary symptoms of COVID-19 it is also playfully points to the erasure of sensation that is indicative of the illness.

If you would like to participate in this project please follow the links below to submit a mailing address and to submit your memories once the package has been received.

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